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DJ System

State of the Art, Kustom Live Audio PV System with 800 Watt output. Enough for large hall, ideal for Mehndi, Wedding, Walima, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, General Get together, Religious or any party.

Non-Stop playing of Indian Bhangra, Bollywood Music, Old Hindi movies music, Pakistani Film Music, Pop Music. English Pop, HipHop, Zumba, Dance, Fusion, Party Music. Best selection or we can play with your PlayList.

System includes Speakers, Monitors, Amplifier, Laptop, Stage Stand, Individual Stands, Iphone, Smart Phone Hook Up, Laptop Hook Up, Mics, all required wires and cables

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Karaoke Singer

Singing is my Passion. I lovc Singing. I have learned singing from two Bay Area known Singing Teachers.

Karaoke singing, Fast Bollywood sons sung by Sukhwindar Singh, Sonu Nigham, Shan, Shankar Mahadaven and many more.

Old hindi songs sung by Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh and many more singers

Old/Fast Pakistani Urdu or Punjabi  songs sung by Aamir Jamal, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmed Rushdi, Saleem Raza, Masood Rana and many more.

Ghazals or mixed songs sung by Jagjit, Ghulam Ali, Iqbal Banu.

We can sing by your own provided song lists (subject to availability of karaokee tracks)

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I learned Bollywood Bhanghra and Bollywood Dance from Bay Area renowned Dance Academy.

We can teach Bhanghra step lessons to enlight your party so you can dance like a Pro.

We can  also teach you Bollywood Dance steps on your parties so you can move with the tunes of the songs like a Pro.

We can choreograph your party with professional Bhanghra Attire and teach you and your family members as a Group on your Happy occasions; so you can perform professionally.

Once steps teached you can perform to any other parties or occasions happily.

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I have learned Aerobics from Bay Area Well Known Reputed Wout Out Centers.

Aerobics help to flow the blood circulation in the body. 60 minutes workout 2 to 3 times a week is best. You can start with us once a week. This is your beginning to be Heart Healthy, Bodily Active, Feel Slender and Relaxed.

Workout has unlimited benefits and also helps to lower Cholestrol, Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Joints movements, Arthritis.

The class conducts on a mixture of Latin, Hollywood and Bollywood music from moderate to extensive level.

 We recommend you bring, Water Bottle, Hand Towel, Wear workout Attire and work out dance shoes or Zumba shows.

 Please inquire for Booking