There are many elderly and young people who are suffering from many kind of diseases such as High Cholestrol, Hypertension, Glucose (Sugar), Arthritis with no medical or because of expensive treatment they are not able to see doctors or buy medicines.

I would like to set up a free of charge facility to help those individual to facilitate moderate exercise for them so they can bring their life to normal.

Light exercise and a little bit coaching to move their joints can benifit to lower Cholestrol, reduce Hypertension, reduce Sugar and rebuild their joints movements.

Sitting in home or trying to do the exercise or workout at home is not possible or beneficial for many because the atmosphere is same, however, when they come to workout facility they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere which helps to reduce Hypertension and encourage them to exercise because of the environment which encourage them to make some movements which at the end bring smile to their face and relax their mind.